Purchase process for new holdall users:

1) Visit the website holdall.norfolk.gov.uk where you can register with holdall. This is free of charge.

Once you register, a validation email will be sent to you activating your account. When you log in for the first time, click “get your holdall smartcard now” button. Please do not purchase an annual ticket at this point as these will not be available at the Employer Discount Scheme rate. Instead, get a free holdall smartcard sent to you by choosing the “sQuid Travel Purse only” option. This will give you a free holdall card with the pay as you go sQuid option.

2) Once you get your new card in the post, bring it to the Konectbus Information desk at Norwich Bus Station along with some ID that proves you are employed by a company who is a member of the Employer Discount Scheme (e.g. current pay slip, letter from your line manager/supervisor, Official ID Badge)

3) Konectbus information desk staff will check your ID and will ensure that your company is part of the Employer Discount Scheme.

4) They will then take payment for you and add your new annual ticket to your holdall smartcard.

If there is any problem with the supply of the card, you will be able to contact them directly either via their website at holdall.norfolk.gov.uk, email to holdall@norfolk.gov.uk or telephone on 0344 800 8020.

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