*** Annual Tickets are now available on our M-ticket app - get in touch with us for more details ***

What is the Employer Discount Scheme? 

Put simply, the Employer Discount Scheme allows employees of any company who is a member of the scheme to obtain a 10% discount on the purchase of an annual adult park and ride ticket.

What does the ticket allow?

An annual Park & Ride ticket allows unlimited use of any of the park and ride services, from any site for the entire period of its' validity on any day the services are operating. It can also be used for local journeys between city centre bus stops that are served as part of the park and ride network.

How much does the ticket cost?

The discounted price of the ticket is: Adult £519.75

Payment must be made in full and there are no Direct Debit payment options available on the Employer Discount Scheme. 

There is no discount on 16-19, child or concession tickets. 

Will I get a paper ticket or a smartcard?

Annual Park & Ride tickets are only available on the East Anglia Buses ticket app and Norfolk County Council's Holdall card. For further details on how to obtain your ticket, please see the following questions.

Can I purchase the Employer Discount Scheme ticket via the holdall website?

Unfortunately, as we need to verify that you are currently employed by a member company, we can only sell these tickets in person at the Konectbus information desk in Norwich Bus Station.

What times is the information desk open?

Monday - Saturday 0730 - 1830

How do I purchase a ticket under the Employer Discount Scheme?

There is a very simple process to follow to purchase your ticket. However, it does vary slightly depending on whether you currently have a holdall card or are a new holdall user.

Instructions for new holdall users

Instructions for existing holdall users

How can I find out if my employer is a member of the Employer Discount Scheme?

Simple, view the up to date list by clicking click here

My employer isn't a member of the Employer Discount Scheme, but would like to join. Can this be arranged?

Yes. Enrolment is currently free of charge and all that is needed is for a suitable senior manager or other official to contact us on feedback@konectbus.co.uk to arrange this.

I work for a company who is part of the Employer Discount Scheme but I don't use park & ride although my partner does. Can I buy a ticket for them to use?

Tickets are only available for use by the purchaser, who must be the employee of the member company.