I use the Postwick site and travel to Anglia Square. How will the new service affect my journey?

Unfortunately, there will no longer be a link between Postwick P&R and Anglia Square. However, services from the Airport, Harford, Sprowston and Thickthorn park and ride sites will all offer direct links to the Bus Station, Castle Meadow and Anglia Square without the need to change buses.

Will there be any later services back to sites?

Due to popular demand, we will be operating buses up to an hour later than currently between the Airport park & ride, Thickthorn park & ride and the city centre on Thursday only. The last buses back to each of the sites will leave the bus station at 2030.

Why is the 604 service to the city centre from Costessey being shut down?

Our research has shown that there is lower demand for this service than from any other site at the moment. So that we are able to offer the most frequent service possible to and from the busiest car parks, we have had to take the difficult decision to concentrate our buses and drivers on operating services to the city centre from Airport, Harford, Postwick, Sprowston and Thickthorn park and ride sites. Costessey park and ride will still be served by two dedicated routes to and from the University of East Anglia and Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.

I use Costessey site now to get to the city centre which site should I use in future?

Generally, we have found that people who choose to park at Costessey park and ride are travelling into the city along the A47 from the Kings Lynn, Swaffham and Dereham direction. In this case, the closest site will be Thickthorn park and ride, which boasts a bus into town up to every 10 minutes during the morning and afternoon peak and up to every 15 minutes at other times of the day. Journeys from here take just 12 minutes to Norwich Bus Station.

Will toilets be reopening with the new park and ride contract?

As part of the new Norwich Park & Ride, we have committed to reopening the toilets at each of the sites.  

Who do I contact for lost property?

You need to get in touch with us either by email to feedback@konectbus.co.uk or by telephone on 01362 851210.

Will sites continue to be monitored by CCTV?

Yes. All sites will continue to have CCTV in use for safety and security purposes. However, we are unable to take responsibility for loss or damage of vehicles or property and users of the car park do so entirely at their own risk.

Will new buses have wireless connectivity?

All buses on Norwich Park & Ride services to and from the city centre will be fitted with free WiFi.

Who do I contact about using the sites for purposes other than park and ride or special events?

Any enquiries should be directed to us at Konectbus, John Goshawk Road, Dereham NR19 1SY or by phone on 01362 851210.

Can I park overnight?

Unfortunately, overnight parking is not permitted at any park and ride site.

Can I park on site and travel in another vehicle other than the Park and Ride bus?

No. The park and ride car parks are only available to those travelling on a park and ride bus. Use for any other purpose is strictly forbidden.

Can I purchase a Park & Ride ticket, park my car on the site and not use the Park & Ride bus service? 

No. The park and ride car parks and ticket product range are only available to those travelling on a park and ride bus. 

How do I book coach parking spaces?

Please get in touch with us at Konectbus, John Goshawk Road, Dereham NR19 1SY or by phone on 01362 851210.

I would like to advertise on your buses, is this possible?

Yes. To advertise on our brand new Norwich Park & Ride double decker buses please contact Bernie Whelan from Exterion Media. Email: bernie.whelan@exterionmedia.co.uk. Telephone: 07850 924640.